There are many times throughout the year when the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” could be used as a testament to the partnership between caregivers, school and community that it takes promote the well-being of young people. If there was ever a time for the statement to ring especially true, it would be during the Angel Fund presentation, which took place at the July regular meeting of Amery’s Board of Education.

The Angel Fund exists at the School District of Amery because of donations made throughout the year. It is used to aid pupils with a variety of needs.

District Administrator Shawn Doerfler said Amery schools are proud to partner with our community in providing for the needs of our kids. “The staff of the School District of Amery takes immense pride in helping provide for the safety and well-being of our kids. Yet, we know that it takes the support and kindness of our community to make sure that our kids have all that they need to make the most of their days as a kid. The Angel Fund continues to be an excellent way for individuals and organizations in our community to help students with the basic needs of life and to provide for a better school experience. The reason our students succeed has everything to do with the strong community of people and organizations in Amery who support them,” said Doerfler.

The presentation showed dollar amounts that were put toward specific needs of families within the district. $647.45 was used to assist with field trip fees throughout the 2018-2019 school year. $704.19 was used out of the Angel Fund to purchase school supplies and clothing for students. $727.30 was put toward lunch account assistance and $149.95 was used to buy a student eyeglasses. This added up to a grand total of $2,228.89 that helped the needs to pupils throughout the school year. 

The district acknowledged the many anonymous donors as well as, Amery Express, Amery and Deer Park Lion’s Clubs, Diane Amans, First Grade families, Meena and Chetan Patel, Middle School students, SMC LTD, WESTconsin Credit Union and Worn Again who all made contributions to the fund last year.

Personnel action taking during July’s meeting saw new contract’s being offered to Katherine Benti ,Boys Varsity Soccer Coach; Dakota Cavalier, Middle School Assistant football coach; Amy Eastep, kindergarten teacher; Jeff Fern, athletic director/High School Dean of Students; Clare Halverson second-grade teacher; Jana Kastanek, Title I Reading and Math; Wendy Marek, Art teacher – AIM, High School; Andrea McNutt, kindergarten teacher and Andrea Yuhas, Middle School Student Council advisor.

Non-renewed contracts were Amy Bjorge as special education teacher. Resignations were accepted from Dennis Brase, a district bus driver and Jana Kastanek as second-grade teacher.

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