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It has been a heck of a year! Sports were closed down as well as most of our events including the Fair. The Amery FFA decided that not being able to show at the fair wasn’t going to stop them. Together they decided to start the first ever Virtual Livestock Show in this area! They called it the Northwest Virtual Livestock Show.

4-H and FFA members sent in videos of their Beef, Sheep and Hogs by July 20th, 2020. Videos came from Barron, Polk and St. Croix Counties.

Two judges from Wisconsin judged the livestock and the Amery FFA made videos to show the results! The judges were Dr. Justin Luther from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls (Beef and Sheep) and John Nelson from Galesville, Wisconsin (Swine). The Videos were released on August 5th, 2020 on YouTube and Facebook.

Special Thank you to First Bank of Baldwin and to the Amery FFA for sponsoring this contest! Also special thanks to Mike Delong of First Bank of Baldwin and Derrick Meyer of Amery High School for commentating the events and to Tracy Hendrickson and Deanna Meyer for editing the shows.

If you would like to watch the shows they are on YouTube:

The results were as follows:


Class #1 - Lightweight gilts – 1st Place – Matthew Germain (Polk), 2nd Place – Essie Whitehead (Polk)

Class #2 – Medium gilts – 1st Place – Deidra Meyer (Polk), 2nd Place Abbie Delong (St. Croix), 3rd Place Kendra Christenson (St. Croix)

Class #3 – Medium gilts – 1st Place – Sophia Delong (St. Croix)

Class #4 – Heavyweight gilts – 1st Place – Macey Melberg (Polk)

Grand Champion Gilt – Macey Melberg purchased from Barry and Tracy Elwood Farm, Amery, WI

Reserve Grand Champion Gilt – Matthew Germain purchased from Kuhl Pigs Farm, Amery, WI

Class A – Lightweight Barrows – 1st Place – Sarah Carlson (Polk)

Class B – Lightweight Barrows – 1st Place – Amber Delong (St. Croix), 2nd Place – Jessica Carlson (Polk)

Class C – Medium weight Barrows – 1st Place – Sarah Carlson (Polk), 2nd Place – Owen Anderson (Polk), 3rd Place – Essie Whitehead (Polk), 4th Place – Samantha Ash (Polk)

Class D – Medium weight Barrows – 1st Place – Essie Whitehead (Polk), 2nd Place – Adriana Anderson (St. Croix)

Class E – Medium weight Barrows – 1st Place – Matthew Germain (Polk), 2nd Place – Carter Neilson (Polk), 3rd Place – Deidra Meyer (Polk), 4th Place – Blake Wedin (Polk)

Class F – Heavy weight Barrows – 1st place – Abbie Delong (St. Croix), 2nd Place – Macey Melberg (Polk), 3rd Place – Carter Neilson (Polk)

Class G – Heavy weight Barrows – 1st place – Drew Meyer (Polk), 2nd Place – Kendra Christenson (St. Croix), 3rd Place – Brett Stemke (Polk)

Grand Champion Barrow – Matthew Germain

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow – Abbie DeLong

Supreme Grand Champion Hog – Matthew Germain

Reserve Supreme Champion Hog – Macey Melberg


Class #1 – Heifer – 1st Place – Jocelyn Boehm (Polk)

Class #2 – Beef Steers – Lightweight – 1st Place - Hope Mckinely (Polk), 2nd Place – Anna McKinely (Polk), 3rd Place – Joseph Kelling (Polk)

Class #3 -Beef Steers – Medium weight – 1st Place – Allegra Lason (Polk), 2nd Place – Allegra Larson (Polk), 3rd Place – Samuel Kelling (Polk), 4th Place – Brett Stemke (Polk), 5th Place – Brett Stemke (Polk)

Grand Champion Steer – Allegra Larson

Reserve Grand Champion Steer – Allegra Larson


Grand Champion – Isabella Lyste (Barron)

Reserve Grand Champion – Isabella Lyste (Barron)

3rd Place – Riley Schultz (Polk)

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