We will be updating our decorated homes address list as they are turned into us. If you would like to take a drive to admire the hard work of those that have lights aglow, our current participants are:

Duane and Michelle Stone: 1281 70th Street, Amery. Northeast of Amery.

Bob LaBathe: 1207 110th Street/County Road H, Amery. North of Amery.

Tom and Sandy Morris: 1393 60th Avenue/County Road K, Amery. Deronda Farms, west of Amery.

Porter Family: 828 110th Street, Amery. West of Amery.

Kasdorf Family: Broadway/Cty Rd. F Amery

Warner Family: 1325 45th Avenue Amery. Southwest of Amery

Peterson Family: 695 70th Avenue/County Rd. J Amery. East of Amery

Johannsen Family: 703 70th Avenue/County Rd. J Amery. East of Amery

Eggert Family 522 Keller Avenue S. Amery

Al Johnson 959 85th Avenue/County Rd. H. Amery. North of Amery

Koehler Family: 1074 65th Avenue/ County Rd. F Amery. West of Amery

Danny and Mary Leslie: 901 Cameron Bridge Road Amery. North East of Amery

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