Josh Gould

This could be called a clear story of coming full circle. 1994 Amery High School graduate Josh Gould has been named principal of the building where he once roamed the halls as a student. A May 17 social media release by the school district shared the news and quoted Administrator Dr. Shawn Doerfler as saying, “We are delighted that Josh Gould will be leading Amery High School. He brings seasoned leadership, a strong work ethic and a passion for the education of Amery students.”

Gould grew up in Amery and has fond memories of his early years in 54001. “I loved riding my bike and meeting up with kids at the little league field, public library, beach, fishing hot spots, and parks. I loved that I had twenty 268 numbers memorized and I could always find someone to do something fun with,” he said. Gould feels that his years at Amery schools really helped shape who he has become in life. When speaking about his experience as a student he said, “I had tremendous teachers all the way through my entire life. I really looked up to the staff and definitely tried to follow in some of their footsteps. Many of them were mentors who really helped me make critical decisions about my future. I was able to participate in so many different activities from various sports teams, music, clubs and had a great group of friends.”

After receiving his diploma in Amery, Gould Graduated from UW Eau Claire in May 1999 with a degree in Broadfield Social Studies with a history emphasis.  He earned his Masters Degree from a joint program between UW River Falls and St.Thomas where he also earned his principal license in 2004.

His first teaching job was in Wabasha-Kellogg High School in South East Minnesota.  He taught U.S. History, Geography, Psychology and World History. In 2000 Gould began teaching Psychology and AP US Government in Amery. 16 years later, he added the role of Athletic Director, and in 2017 he added the title of Assistant Principal. 

“I love the feeling of pride I feel whenever an Amery student does something outstanding. I love watching former students of mine coming back and paying it forward for another generation and I love the family atmosphere which pulled me back here twenty years ago,” said Gould. 

When discussing his goals as principal he said, ”My hope is that we continue to improve on the great things we are currently doing at AHS. I am really excited to get back into more of the academic side of things where I spent so many years as a teacher. Our goal is always about growth, academically and emotionally; hopefully we can have that with both students and staff.”

He shared his biggest challenge will be learning all those little things that you only learn by doing the job yourself.  “I’ve gone through that before as a teacher, as an Athletic Director and Assistant Principal,” he said. Gould is definitely up for the challenge and said, “I really hope to help inspire the next generation of kids to reach their potential.”

Gould and his wife Kim live in Amery with their three daughters; Ninth grader Ella, Sixth grader Anna and Fourth grade student Addie. Outside of the hallways of Amery High, Gould said he is a seasonal guy, who loves the different opportunities our Wisconsin weather provides. He said, “Of course #1 for me is attending concerts and sporting events for my kids, followed by my love for the Green Bay Packers. In the summers I love being on the lake, golfing, walking.  In the fall I enjoy the peacefulness of my bow stand -rarely do I shoot anything. In the winter I love Cross Country skiing and I take pride in making one of the best snow tubing hills around. In the spring I love getting the family together to make maple syrup.”



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