One in seven kids in the world suffers from the effects of food insecurity, living in a chronic state of malnutrition. Amery Hospital & Clinic’s (AHC) Be Well Team was proud to partner with Kids Around the World (KATW) and their OneMeal program to assemble and pack meals for children in desperate need around the world.

Kids around the World, through their OneMeal program, ensure that tens of thousands of impoverished kids have a warm, nutritious meal each day.

Employees at Amery Hospital & Clinic, feel fortunate to be blessed with an abundance of food, clothing and warm beds to sleep in at night. However, they know that is not the case in many countries around the world, so AHC invited staff, clinicians and their families to volunteer to work side by side on Saturday, November 2nd, to share an “Attitude of Gratitude” during this holiday season by packing nutritious meals to feed kids around the world.  

OneMeal provides a foundational meal that can be used across cultures to deliver sustaining nutrition to impoverished children where food insecurity is a daily reality.  OneMeal’s primary ingredient, red lentils, serves as a superior source of protein, critical to physical growth and development, including brain development. OneMeal also delivers much needed micronutrients through PhytoBlend, which is a combination of 24 essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This fills a major dietary deficiency often found in situations of food insecurity. The dehydrated vegetable blend adds additional nutrients and fiber, along with color, texture, and flavor to enhance the meal. Fortified white rice further provides critical calories to children. Since it is a common ingredient familiar to people in most regions of the world, the meals are readily accepted across cultures.

AHC had 73 volunteers last Saturday for the event and packed 20,000 meals. Ronda Knutson from AHC said OneMeal requires a group to pack a minimum of 20,000 meals at a cost of $.27 cents each, so it is a great option for smaller groups that may want to undertake a project such as this.

The meals packed by the AHC group will be shipped to two different places, an orphanage in Rwanda and to help with relief efforts in the Bahamas in the aftermath of being stricken by hurricanes.

“Andrew, the rep from OneMeal, was extremely prepared so we were able to set up the whole event in the AHC Rain Garden Café in about an hour and 15 minutes Friday afternoon. Saturday involved getting everyone situated and the packing started off at 10:00 a.m. with great music to listen (and sing!) to while we worked,” said Knutson. 

Julie Meyer, an AHC employee who participated was inspired by the Allen Klein quote, “Research has shown people who volunteer often live longer.” Meyer said, “It is amazing what our efforts can do in the world.”

To date, AHC has raised $4,881.18 with only $518.82 left to make their goal. Their website will remain open through November 12 for additional donations to help meet the goal of $5400.  If you are interested in donating, you can visit

For more information about KATW visit

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