The clucking continued during meetings of Amery’s Public Safety committee and regular meeting of the city council and the cries of people wanting to get closer to their food source have been answered with an unanimous yes.

Although in numerous previous attempts, the keeping of chickens within city limits has been turned down; it was five yeses June 3 from the council. The ordinance becomes legal June 10. 

Councilperson Tim Strohbusch, who chairs the Public Safety committee, said the highlights of the ordinance included no roosters, a maximum of five hens, a waste plan requirement and coop and fences were needed (no free range chickens). The ordinance also defines setback regulations and requires permission from neighboring properties. The ordinance is for non-commercial production of eggs. 

He said the full ordinance was available on the City of Amery website and motioned to approve. 

Councilperson Julie Riemenscheider gave the second and with no further discussion, there was not a single opposing voice and the resolution passed.

Residents can legally purchase poultry once they submit a license form and fee of $35.00. Also needed is a coop drawing form, neighborhood approval form and chicken keepers must pass onsite coop inspection. An annual license renewal and fee required.

A Facebook group, Amery Backyard Chickens, has been started where an abundance of information for people interested in raising chickens can be found.

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