The crisp autumn air and delightful fall colors make it a popular time of year to grasp onto outdoor moments. A new place in town to spend time outside is at the newly opened Amery Dog Park.

Planning for the park has been taking place for over five years and on Friday, September 7, the gates opened for canines and owners to exercise and socialize.

Gregg Rochester, Chairperson of the dog park committee said, “The Dog Park Steering Committee (Gregg Rochester, Karen Odegard, Val Hogan and Claire Scriba) is pleased to see the project advanced to this stage. We hope to continue to guide future projects and events. We wish to thank the community and city for their generosity and support.” 

Rochester said all dogs are welcome at the park, although owners of overly aggressive (toward people or other dogs) are discouraged from coming to the park. 

The Amery Dog Park is a perfect area for getting your pup active. Having a well-exercised dog is important for their well-being and is said to cut down on behavioral issues. It is a place to be actively engaged with your pet and it can be a place to increase your bond with your dog.

The dog park will be maintained by the City of Amery Public Works Department, but according to Rochester, they will likely need volunteers to help with some of their building projects and special events. The park is still in need of donations so they can construct a pavilion, install a water source, and an obstacle course.

A special grand opening celebration will be held in the near future.

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