Amery, Wis.—Amery Police say that at least three people were involved in widespread BB gun vandalism that occurred Nov. 27 when many cars and a bystander were intentionally shot. Two were taken into custody, and the other may have fled the state.

After questioning two individuals Nov. 28 who were caught shoplifting BB paraphernalia at the St. Croix Falls Wal-Mart, Amery Police say that one of them, 17-year-old Cody J. Frye of Amery, turned himself in on Dec. 2. But Frye claimed that it was his accomplice and passenger, 18-year-old Benjamin R. Bleyle, who did all of the shooting. 

According to police reports, the pair drove around in a red Pontiac Aztec on the evening of Nov. 27 with Bleyle shooting from the passenger side. Bleyle reportedly shot multiple vehicles at Cardinal Glass before the pair traveled to the McDonald’s drive thru to order food. As they pulled forward, Bleyle is said to have shot an employee returning from the dumpster three times, causing welts and bruises.

The pair then picked up an unnamed 14-year-old and traveled to the St. Croix Falls Wal-Mart where they were filmed shoplifting BB pistols, CO2 cartridges, BBs and a knife.

Police recorded widespread BB damage throughout Amery that evening, including at Nextgen, Amery Chevrolet, and Amery Hospital.

The 14-year-old, who was already under supervision, was taken into custody. Frye was arrested and subsequently released, but has yet to be formally charged.

Bleyle is wanted for questioning, although a warrant has yet to be issued for his arrest. Police believe he may have gone to South Dakota. The incident remains under investigation.

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