Benjamin M. Pepin, 40, Lindstrom, MN, was arrested on Nov. 19 for 4th degree sexual assault, battery and disorderly conduct.

Ritchie R. Gordon, 42, Danbury, was arrested on Nov. 20 for criminal trespassing and two counts of bail jumping.

Mason K. Schaar, 17, Somerset, was arrested on Nov. 20 for misdemeanor bail jumping.

Gregory W. Sillman, 46, Clayton, was arrested on Nov. 22 for domestic disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct.

Sean D. Rogers, 25, Amery, was arrested on Nov. 23 for OWI 1st and hit and run.

Daniel T. Petherbridge, 24, Dresser, was arrested on Nov. 21 for OWI 2nd.

Savannah J. Sande, 22, St. Croix Falls, was arrested on Nov. 24 on a bench warrant for burglary PTAC and a warrant for burglary.

Jade J. Nickels, 39, Princeton, MN, was arrested on Nov. 19 for contempt for failure to pay.

Mandy J. Elton, 41, Chisago, MN, was arrested on Nov. 19 on a warrant.

Patricia A. Douglas, 60, Luck, was arrested on Nov. 20 for a probation hold.

Eric K. Post, 40, Osceola, was arrested on Nov. 21 for a probation hold.

These entries are based on information provided in a Probable Cause Report (facts reported by the officer at time of arrest).å These alleged incidents are not a reflection of the information brought forth in a formal criminal complaint. As always, an arrested person is presumed innocent until convicted by a judge or jury.


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