The Barron County Sheriff’s Department reports that on December 3, 2017,  a subject called the sheriff’s department stating his dog had brought home what looked like the partial remains of a human skull.

Deputies from the Department responded to the area south of Barron on 10th Ave and identified the skull as what was believed to be a human skull.

A search of a wooded area near the house was conducted and the skeletal remains of a body were also discovered.

The Wisconsin State Patrol, the Barron County Medical Examiner, the Wisconsin State Crime Lab and the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Minnesota are all assisting with the case to determine more information on if it is a male or female, how long it have been there and any other identifiable traits.

At this time, Barron County has no missing person cases. County officials are contacting neighboring counties to determine if the remains may be a match to any known missing persons.

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