What began with one school age girl hitting another in the stomach resulted in a violent confrontation and armed assault between their two fathers, according to police reports.

Nathan A. Pieters, 32 of Clear Lake, reportedly confronted the father of his daughter’s playmate, Leo Martell, at the man’s apartment. In the February 20 incident, Martell reported that Pieters became aggressive and pulled out a firearm. Pieters reportedly reached into Martell’s apartment, grabbed him by the head and assaulted him with the gun.

According to information filed with the criminal complaint, Martell had a cut above his forehead that required stitches.

Pieter’s relatives, who reside in a neighboring apartment, told authorities that the young girl came to them about being ‘socked in the belly’ but then went on to play again. 

Authorities caught up with Pieters using the wi-fi near the Clear Lake Public Library. He told officers that this was the second time his daughter had been assaulted by the girl in apartment 5. Pieters claimed that Martell became aggressive so he took a defensive stand, but denied using a gun on him. Pieters admitted to having his ‘1911’ at the time, as he always does.

Officers seized a .45 caliber 1911 from Pieters’ residence, which was found to have skin fragments inside the gun barrel. 

Pieters was arrested and formally charged Tuesday with felony substantial battery, intentionally pointing a firearm at a person and disorderly conduct.

Pieters posted a $500 cash bond, and awaits arraignment in Polk County Circuit Court March 20.

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