Our group has been meeting for the last month to figure out a way to be better in our community. Issues of racism have been brought up amongst our group and we want to help each other by educating others to be kind to each other. We want to unite Amery to be stronger and more supportive of our BIPOC friends and family. We have planned a story trot with the story “I Promise” by LeBron James as our focus.

The group of kids is putting together a walk with the support of our parents, Amery United, Amery Public Library and Friends of Stower Seven Lake State Trail. These groups help us as we called, emailed, texted and met over zoom to put this event on for our community. The trot will be held at StowerTrail in Amery, WI. There will be pre sales of t-shirts and masks for our be kind event to help educate our community about racism. We will be accepting donations to help fund this trot along with any extra donations will be going back into the community to help educate people about racism. Our shirts that our group, Ben Yanok, and Sports and more, are going to make say “be kind” in sign language and Amery United. We will have more information about getting masks and T-shirt’s next week. The trot will be held October 31st-November 1st and we will have volunteers present to collect donations. The volunteers will also help with education and to answer questions throughout the weekend. Please remember to follow COVID-19 guidelines while on the trail.

Enjoy the “I Promise” story trot.


  • Occurred Saturday, October 31st, 2020 — all day

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